Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time to update the blog and get it going!

It is now time that I find the time to focus on keeping up this blog. It is a great way for us to communicate with our customers and let them know what is available here at the farm.

Things have been busy around here. Spring came and then summer appeared quickly!

We have had some Berkshire pork recently and that was a huge success. It was so tasty and everyone enjoyed it. When we have some more I will ensure that I have it noted on the blog.

In a few days we will have much more of our Black Angus Beef for sale. We do sell by the cut and find that people like to purchase this way. The summer meat chickens will be arriving soon and the pasture is ready for them.

Oh, and by the way - we have puppies! Very cute to watch run around as they figure out life on the farm.