Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Tomorrow is September, and I ask where did the summer go? The past few months have gone by very quickly. It always seems that when spring approaches one starts to make a list of all the projects and things they plan to do over the summer. Well - one of those items on my list was to learn about bees and the world of bee keeping. I hate to admit that I never really did fit this in. I guess I was too busy concentrating on the birds here on the farm!

At the University of Western Ontario there are a few beehives on site. The photos I have included were taken at the Research Station. Bees are very fascinating little creatures. Always keeping busy. Busy as a bee!
Today, while in Chapters I found a book on the sale rack - Keeping Bees, Looking After An Apiary by Vivian Head. I did purchase the book and will give it a read. This will be my start!

I do plan to attend an upcoming tour of the Chatsworth Honey Bee Farm. The tour is being organized by FarmStart on Sunday Sept. 19th. http://www.farmstart.ca/current-events-workshops/. I am sure this tour will be very interesting and look forward to seeing the bees and meeting the farmers.
Maybe next summer, I will invest in that hive that I did not get around to purchasing this year. I shall keep you posted!

Beautiful Bees

  • Honeybees wings stroke 11,400 times per minute, thus making their distinctive buzz.

  • To make one pound of honey, the bees in the colony must visit 2 million flowers, fly over 55,000 miles and will be the lifetime work of approximately 768 bees.

  • Honey is the ONLY food that contains all the substances necessary to sustain life, including water.

  • Honey never spoils.

  • Bees are the most important group of pollinators. Almost 80% of all flowering plants depend on pollinators to help them transfer their pollen.

  • Honeybees are the only insect that produces food eaten by man.

  • The estimated total value of Honey Bees to Canadian agriculture is $782 million.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's August!

When I take a look at the calendar I can not believe myself - where is the time going or gone? Summer always seems to fly by while the winter months take their time.

The activity on a farm is always seen best during these summer months. Currently, we have raked the 2nd cut hay but unfortunately it has yet to be baled. I find myself singing " Rain, Rain go away Peter wants to bale some hay!

The turkeys are growing, and enjoying the lazy days of summer, so by Thanksgiving they should be just right. I may have a hard time with this flock, they are kind of funny. When they see you, they come running so when you come home and drive into the laneway not only do the dogs great you but the turkeys want to say hi too! They are pasture raised but some have decided that free range is a good life to have. A few weeks ago they all got out, we put them back but now some roam all day and just hang out.

This week we also pick up some more Berkshire pork from our butcher. So if you are interested in some - give us a call.

Thanks to all our customers,
Peter and Karen

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