Thursday, March 22, 2012


Spring has Sprung!!!!

Spring has Sprung!!

It is already the last part of March 2012.  As one gets older they begin to ask “where does the time go” but, when the weather throws us off  - as it has this month, we then begin to wonder about more than just the time.   

The sun has been shining each day for last few weeks, the buds are on the trees, the spring bulbs are in flower, we can hear the frogs chirping and the birds are happy. Funny how the change of seasons will enhance our senses.

One of my favourite sounds are the frogs, even as a young child I loved frogs and their sounds. We have a large area on our road that frogs mate and live, when driving by this time of year we slow down and open the windows, and listen for their sounds. A sound that brings balance and confirmation that all is okay.  On our farm we also have many pockets of where the frogs and toads love to be, I enjoy and look forward to each year where they come out of their hibernation and enjoy the warmth as I do.

Spring also brings us the return of many species of birds. Robins have been seen for the last few weeks. To see the orange of their breast is a sign that spring has sprung. Now we will wait for the Baltimore Orioles that usually nest in our yard to return. After that we will honour the return of the Barn Swallow.

I think Spring touches us all, but I think a Farmer the most.  A Farmer relies on Mother Nature to work with them as we respect the fact that we want to also work with Her.

A good Farmer will respect Her. Managing the soil and land while farming and providing a home for wildlife, which includes the soils, water in the area, and always take in consideration the overall health of the environment.

Providing healthy food for eaters is not rocket science, but it takes time and effort. Please take the time to find your local farmer and support those who are going that extra mile and taking the time and effort to do so for you – the Eater.   

Now that I have had my “rant”, (which is not my style), I shall blog about our farm for the 2012 season.

Planning, planning and planning, who takes more time planning than a farmer?? We have a few new buildings to be erected in 2012. A new chicken coop for the layers that can be moved around, a new chicken area for our meat birds, and a new shelter that will be for the piggys. It is important to have the animals move to new areas throughout season, to not only forage but leave some manure behind.

The vegetable garden is in well swing, many seedlings in the greenhouse growing fast, we are waiting to get the hoop house erected (maybe this weekend). Michael and Daniel are very dedicated to growing heritage and organic vegetables. Their plants are super and delicious when harvested.

What we do know is; we will continue to have Black Angus beef available by the cut, beautiful brown fresh eggs, meat chickens, turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Birkshire pork by the cut, and various vegetables  as they become  ripe throughout the season.

If you would like more information about our farm  - please call us

Peter and Karen

519 232-4105

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2 x 3 Little Pigs

Birkshires are a heritage breed of pig, black in colour with white modeling throughout. The pigs are mainly raised in pastures and are known to forage.
Recently the Birkshire has been seen on menus and at high-end butcher shops, the meat is a darker red and marbled throughout. The taste is very flavourful, meat is more dense and they are referred to as "the Black Angus" of pork.
The 6 pigs are enjoying life in the barn on a bed of straw. We are supplmenting their all grain diet with our high quality 3rd cut hay.
We are now taking orders for pork. If you are interested or would like more information, then contact us.
Peter & Karen
519 232-4105

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkeys

It is almost time to enjoy that wonderful ritual that the autumn season brings upon us - the Annual Harvest Feast. The weather begins to turn and the fall colours become a vibrant part of the landscape. The smell of freshly baked pies and the taste of those wonderful foods that one can now make with the bountiful abundance of the products from the gardens. I myself love a large bowl of squash soup with a freshly baked biscuit and then accompany that with a dish of apple crisp - now that makes a great lunch treat!

On the farm this year we raised turkeys that will be ready for Thanksgiving. We are almost sold out so if you are interested in reserving one please call us.

We do have capons available as well, they range between 7 to 9 pounds. Capons are also a great choice for those that do not want to cook a large turkey.

Last month, we had the flock of Muscovy ducks processed and have received many great comments back from customers. If you have never cooked a duck may we suggest that you give one a try.

We will be at the farm on Saturday October 8th from 10 to 3 for those that want to drop by and pick up their turkey, capon, duck or beef. See you then.

Karen & Peter

519 232-4105

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fresh Duck

(OK - no goose!)

Today, we picked up our flock of Muscovy Duck. They will be available for sale - fresh this weekend (September 16 & 17).

If you have not tried duck before then it is time. Your tastebuds will thank you! Duck is delicious and a wonderful change from chicken or beef.

We will be here at the farm Saturday from 10 - 4. Please drop by.

The duck are $3.75\lb and range in size from 5 to 7 pounds.

After Saturday, we will have only frozen available.

See you Saturday!
Please call if you need directions to the farm.

Karen & Peter

519 232-4105

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hay There!

What are most farmers across Ontario doing right now? If you guessed, cutting, raking and baleing hay, then you are right. The weather has been just right for those who need hay to feed their livestock during the winter months.

Some may know the work that is involved in hay production. You go like crazy for about two weeks to get the hay into the barn - everything else in life is secondary. "Got to make hay while the sun shines!" is what many farmers say.

Hay is a combination of perennial grasses, around this part of Southern Ontario you will see alfalfa in the mix with grasses such as Timothy and Fescue. A good healthy mix will enable you to have quality feed for your animals during the winter months.

Last month,we held our first "Chicken Day" for the 2011 season. We had a great turn out and saw some new faces come out for a visit to the farm. We still do have some chicken available, for those who could not make it.

The gardens are also doing well. This week we will see available: shallots, Chiogga beets, peas (shell, snow, snap), new potatoes, brocolloi, red onions, and various types of lettuce.

If you are interested in beef, chicken or vegtables give us a call to arrange a time to come by.

Karen & Peter

519 232-4105

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fresh Chicken - Saturday June 25, 2011

Chicken Day will take place on Saturday June 25, 2011. It seems like along time since we have had fresh chicken but the winter was long.

For those that have not been out to our farm before we raise pasture raised chicken. The chickens are free to range and forage outside during the daytime in the grass. Many of the chickens also love to soak up the sun!

If you are wanting to know where your food comes from and looking to provide yourself and family with healthy choices and a healthy product then purchasing your food directly from the grower is essential. We do not feed our animals growth hormones and pride ourselves on providing them healthy feed and a healthy living environment.

Please come by Saturday June 25th to visit. If you are interested in purchasing a few chickens please call us to plave your order. 519 232-4105.

We have also become suppliers for the Optimist Club of Lucan's current fundraiser, the winner will recieve a BBQ Frezer package worth $500.00. You can mix it up with our beef - Balck Angus steaks, roasts, ground beef, burger patties and chicken. We have tickets available ($2 each or 3 for $5.00) Proceeds do go to the Optimist Club of Lucan.

Hope to see everyone on June 25th!

Karen and Peter

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring is finally here!

It took awhile this year but I do think it is safe to say that winter is now behind us. Work on the farm in spring is a busy one. We have fences to mend, calves being born, new baby chicks to check in on, and a season to ready for.

We do have our first batch of chickens, they are doing well and just about ready to head outside. Last weekend we spent most of Sunday moving them from their "nursery" to their "adult" home. In a few days when they have grown a few more feathers and the sun warms up abit more we can open the door on their coop and let them enjoy the sun.

We will have fresh chicken available in late June. If you are interested in getting on the chicken list, give us a call. 519 232-4105 to place your order.

We have just filled the freezers with steaks, roats, ground beef and boxes of hamburger patties. The hamburger patties are a great idea to have in your freezer now that BBQ season is here.

We always enjoy the visits from our customers, we'd love to show you around the farm. Come by for a visit soon if you have not been by lately.

Karen & Peter