Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring is finally here!

It took awhile this year but I do think it is safe to say that winter is now behind us. Work on the farm in spring is a busy one. We have fences to mend, calves being born, new baby chicks to check in on, and a season to ready for.

We do have our first batch of chickens, they are doing well and just about ready to head outside. Last weekend we spent most of Sunday moving them from their "nursery" to their "adult" home. In a few days when they have grown a few more feathers and the sun warms up abit more we can open the door on their coop and let them enjoy the sun.

We will have fresh chicken available in late June. If you are interested in getting on the chicken list, give us a call. 519 232-4105 to place your order.

We have just filled the freezers with steaks, roats, ground beef and boxes of hamburger patties. The hamburger patties are a great idea to have in your freezer now that BBQ season is here.

We always enjoy the visits from our customers, we'd love to show you around the farm. Come by for a visit soon if you have not been by lately.

Karen & Peter

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