Thursday, July 29, 2010

Free Range Turkey

Our turkeys have decided that life would be better if they were Free Range rather than just Pasture Raised! I guess life looked better on the other side of the fence, after one made the plunge the rest followed.
So, this Thanksgiving enjoy one of our Free Range Turkeys. The demand is high so best to get your name on our turkey list.

The funny thing about these little guys (they are little now - but just wait until October) is they come running to you when they see you.

All the animals on the farm get along fine!
We don't have sheep so Fern will have to learn to heard turkeys instead.

We will have fresh capons on Saturday - drop by between 10 - 4 if you are interested.
Besides the capons we have chicken, Black Angus beef , Berkshire pork and also lasagne. The lasagne has been made with our beef, a new product for us.
Try some great food today - Do you know where your food comes from?

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