Thursday, September 9, 2010

Duck, Duck Goose!

On Saturday September 18th we will have Muscovy Duck available - FRESH!
If you love to cook duck then do not miss this opportunity. Give us a call to reserve yours, we have a limited supply and we do expect to sell out.
It is always hard to estimate what weight they will come in at, we think maybe these will be around 5 - 8lbs. The price for duck is $3.50/lb.
I want to add in my post today that last night I saw the film "The Future of Food" at the London Public Library. It is well worth watching, infact you cango to the website and watch it online. Check it out of you have the time. It is another film that will make you change some of your habits when it comes to buying food.
September 18th will be a busy day for us. After our "Duck Day" at the farm - which we have asked for pick up to be from 9:30 to 11:00. We are off to the Stratford Garlic Festival, it is a great event for any garlic lover! Need to purchase some new seed this year, love all the varieties available. It is always great to try a piece of that garlic fudge that is usually there! Yes, fudge baked with garlic, it is very tasty.
If you plan to stay closer to London that day there is a Tomato Fest taking place at the Covent Garden Market from 11 - 2. I heard about it last night. It is being organized by the London City Farm Network, they plan to have tomato tastings of over 40 unique varieties. This is a great way to find out what variety you like and then can take note so next year you can plant it in your garden.
Karen & Peter

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